Copy of Baltic Amber Baroque Milky Baby Necklace
Baltic Amber

1006 Baroque Milky


Some believe that the lighter colors of Baltic amber are more effective for teething babies. We asked about this with the docent at the Amber Museum in Lithuania and were told there is no difference. 

All authentic Baltic Amber, like this one, is a fossilized tree resin. It contains succinic acid which functions like an analgesic when worn near the source of discomfort.

Enjoy this Baroque Milky necklace for baby. It is available in two sizes.

Medium = 12" to 12.5" (32cm) is the size you will receive when you select this item.

The clasp, as with all our baby necklaces, is pop-apart.

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Copy of Baltic Amber Baroque Milky Baby Necklace

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The sale price will be available in this style/color/size until 12pm PT February 28, 2018